Video Testimonials

Hi, my name is Vicky Maratas and this is my husband Ricky.
In 2007, we wanted to relocate to Folsom from the Bay Area. We probably spend a year looking at houses and Margaret was there for us, until we found the right one. Margaret was just great, listening to our needs and helping start our residence in Folsom. And then a few years after that we needed another place and she again was great, sold uor house with a profit and we relocated to another residence and we've been here for awhile. When we are ready for a single story ranch home, she will be there for us. We love living here in Folsom, it's a great community. Margaret is great and The Melville Group has been terrific.

Hi, my name is Rod Posner. I worked with Margaret Melville on multiple occasions. I had the opportunity to work with her when my mother passed. She sold my mother's home in El Dorado Hills and we got her asking price, no problem. Then, she sold my daughter's home in Citrus Heights, and because she was going to lose the home, that was a short sale. Margaret was actually able to sell the home and my daughter came away with money in her pocket. So it was really amazing that that happened. Then, Margaret sold my home in Cameron Park recently, and she helped us buy our dream home also in Cameron Park, and she has just done an amazing job. I've known Margaret for many years and she is not your everyday Realtor. There's a lot of Realtors out there and you have a lot of choices, but she is very amazing and she has a lot of talent and a lot of background, she's been doing this for a long time. So, if you are looking to sell or buy a property, she's the person you need to talk to. She works in all the areas of Sacramento and she knows the market extremely well. And she's got a very good way of working with people and helping you through the process and making it very painless and easy. She's not like every other Realtor. She knows what will work, she knows what it takes to get a property to sell. She will guide you through the process and she will make it happen. And typically, you get your asking price with Margaret. I've seen her sell homes when other Realtors can't get them to sell, and Margaret got them sold. If you're looking for a dream home and you know where you want to be and what you are looking for, Margaret will find it. She's amazing and very talented lady, she's got a lot of experience and knowledge and she will make it happen. She is unlike any other Realtor I've worked with before. I highly recommend Margaret she's a go-to person when it comes to real estate. If you are having issues or problems she can definitely give you insight and direction on how to get it done. So, that's what I've got to say about Margaret!