Senior Services

Compassionately Guiding Transitions: Your Partner in Senior Property Sales


Our Services

At The Melville Group we specialize in providing compassionate, tailored services for seniors, fiduciaries, and trustees, ensuring a seamless and stress-free experience during property sales. Our comprehensive range of services includes:

* Personalized Consultations: Understanding and addressing unique needs to create a customized sales plan.

* Vendor Coordination: Meeting with and obtaining bids from reputable moving companies, downsizing specialists, home stagers, repair specialists and trash-out companies to assist decision-makers.

* Property Preparation Support: Managing the process after the property is vacated, professional cleaning services, high-quality photography, virtual staging, and effective marketing through social media.

* Holistic Approach: Working closely with a network of trusted professionals to ensure a smooth transition and sale, focusing on emotional and practical needs.

At The Melville Group our commitment is to ensure a compassionate, all-encompassing experience for our clients. We believe in guiding our clients through each step, easing the burden of property sales and ensuring a successful transition.