Short Sales Serrano

What is a Short Sale?

Put very simply, a short sale is when a home is sold for less than the amount owed to the lender(s).
Benefits of a Short Sale
  • A short sale has much less impact on your credit than a foreclosure
  • A short sale satisfies the debt you owe to your lender(s)
  • A short sale allows your home to be sold, avoiding the stress that sometimes goes along with going through a foreclosure
Why Choose Margaret?
  • I have been successfully negotiating and closing short sales since the very beginning of the downturn in the market.  I am not new to the process.
  • I do not charge any fees to the seller.  You do not pay anything out of pocket.  I am only compensated by the bank, WHEN your home closes.
  • I have a higher than normal success rate (approximately 95%) of closing short sales due to my team's experience in doing them.
  • I am easy to reach and speak to….no long hold times or messages being returned 2 days later!
  • When your property is listed, there won't be any signs advertising it as a "short sale" or "foreclosure". It will be disclosed to interested buyers, but to your neighbors and everyone else your property will look like a standard real estate transaction.
How much does this cost me?

Our entire service is free to the homeowner, from the initial consultation to the closing of the transaction.  My team is only paid by the lender after closing.  Call (916) 203-3765 for a confidential appointment or if you would like to speak to an experienced agent who can help you figure out if a short sale is the best choice for you.